VOLUME 14 NUMBER 1 & 2 2019 ISSN: 0189 – 7136


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Nutritional Evaluation and Safety of Chin-Chin Made from
Orange Flesh Sweet Potato [Ipomoea Batatas L. (Lam.)]
and Bambara Groundnut (Voandzeia Subterranean (L)
Verdc.) Flour Blends.

Obomeghei, A. A.

A Survey of Post-harvest Losses and Fungi Associated
with Spoilage of Tomatoes in Northern and Southern
Part of Jos, Plateau State.

Dayok, O
Kum, F. O

Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Studies on Citrus
Colocynthis (Water Melon) Seeds Extracts From
North Eastern Nigeria.

Uzoh, Raymond D.
Akande, E. K.
Manu, M. A.

Effects of Nitrogen Fertilizer With and Without Cowdung
on Maize Growth (Zea Mays L.) and Some Selected Soil
Chemical Properties in a Pot Experiment.

Sadiq A. A.

Pollen Viability Enhancement Strategy Among
Three Maize Genotypes (Zea Maysl.).

Agbowuro, G. O.
Salami, A. E.
Ogunwale, G. I.

Effect of Bacteria Degraded Cob Porudct Supplementation
on Broiler Chicks Diet: Blood Chemistry and Economic

Bamigboye, O. O.
Fagade, O. E.

The Role of Agriculture in the Nigerian Economy. 69
Etim, Sebastian A.

Microbial Examination of Pathogenic Bacteria Associated
With Raw and Pasteurized Milk Samples in Shendam
L.G.A Plateau State, Nigeria.

Dayok, O.
Kum, F. O.
Bot, T. Y

Analysis of an Edible Mushroom Specie Tuber Magnatum
(Isuo), for Nutritional Values. 103

Ibok, N. U
Uzoh, R. D.